The Rolls-Royce & Variety Studio


Turning a one-off brand sponsorship into a globally recognized event is the key to Flying Television’s automotive brand success. FTV developed a comprehensive experiential campaign to transform a standard brand sponsorship into a luxury 3-day affair – The Rolls-Royce & Variety Studio partnership was born.

The Studio, located at a private home in Beverly Hills, brought together top actors and actresses from television and film, as well as A-list directors and producers to discuss their buzzed about projects for Awards Season. FTV oversaw location scouting; event production and talent management to ensure that the historic brand messaging and Rolls-Royce standards were upheld.


FTV designed a one-of-a-kind hedge wall, in lieu of the traditional step & repeat, complete with three-dimensional laser-cut brand logos. FTV also updated the furniture in the private home by bringing in modern furnishings with clean lines to give the space a warm and updated vibe. Simple, contemporary floral accents were added as the final décor element.

To further promote brand recognition, FTV arranged for Rolls-Royce to provide both Phantom and Ghost cars with drivers to attendees including Kristen Stewart, William H. Macy, Lesley Mann, and Kerry Washington.  Photographers greeted the talent upon arrival, capturing their exit from the lux vehicles. FTV was able to catapult Rolls-Royce brand collateral from step & repeat photos to product based glamour shots.


National and international press coverage surged with images of Elle Fanning, Mindy Kaling, Jesse Tyler Furguson, and others emerging from their chauffer driven Rolls-Royces.  FTV successfully injected a jolt of ‘Young Hollywood Chic’ to the famed luxury brand while keeping their tradition and legacy intact.