This is Flying Television

Flying Television brings together a team from varied backgrounds to work in tandem, enabling us to meet the unique needs of each individual project. Our mission is simple: to forge organic, meaningful partnerships between brands and celebrities, and place clients at the center of popular culture. We know how to keep our clients simultaneously visible and credible, sustaining the right kind of media attention as a project progresses. This experience combined with our work ethic enables us to execute powerful campaigns.

We have a proven track record of providing opportunities that nurture a long-standing industry presence that will not only enhance our clients’ public profiles, but define them.

We help brands unlock Youtube, Instagram, TikTok,and Twitch as scalable acquisition channels through the power of influencer, celebrity, music, and athlete marketing.

We specialize in curating strategic planning for brands in the market space, creating entertaining content, and activating top digital talent, celebrities, and athletes with far-reaching online audiences.

Full-service public relations, marketing, and events agency with dedicated event press, production, and celebrity services departments

Unparalleled access to celebrities, the media, early adopters, and influencers, and to high-profile events

Proprietary database that exceeds 40,000 celebrity, press, and tastemaker contacts for targeted approach

More than 20 years experience in event production, brand launches, openings, and fashion shows as well as the ability to maximize buzz with our excellent relationships with press