People Magazine


In our new media savvy world, celebrity integration has become the norm. FTV partnered with People, to create custom, newsworthy, celebrity content for their advertisers.


For the SAG Awards, FTV designed an in-book and social media campaign for Orange is the New Black star, Dascha Planco and Dunkin’ Donuts. Dascha’s social media posts were then captured and featured in all of People’s SAG Awards print recaps.


From the success of the Dascha’s campaign, FTV designed a larger partnership for Soledad O’Brien and People, Time and Sports Illustrated. Soledad participated in custom print and video creative showcasing her inner passions with AARP. The branded content appeared both in book and online and generated significant interest in AARP’s new “Real Possibilities” messaging.

Olivia Palermo also got in on the sponsored content genre with a People and Cotton partnership during Miami Fashion Week.